Bracelets by HaAri

Sporty, stylish and striking, wear Kabbalah bracelets on leather straps by HaAri Jewelry, worn for protection, love, and to ward off the evil eye.

Kabbalah Bracelets by Ha'Ari

The word “bracelet” derives from a Greek word meaning “of the arm.” Indeed, bracelets have been a cherished and valuable adornment for women since ancient times. In recent years, with the growing popularity of Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah bracelets have become increasingly popular and today you will find them proudly worn by men and women across the globe.

We bring you a collection of Kabbalah bracelets from Ha’ari, Israel’s leading producer of Kabbalah jewelry. Each bracelet reflects their deep knowledge and understanding of Kabbalah and its tools. The bracelets are decorated with mystical amulets, motifs or spiritual letter combinations known to ward off negative energies and bring about protection and positive change. In order to achieve maximum benefit, Ha’ari jewelry is prepared in accordance with Kabbalah stipulated times and conditions. So, in addition to drawing attention to the beauty of the wrist and dressing up your outfit, a Kabbalah bracelet also adorns your life.


Most striking and popular are Ha’ari’s red cord protection bracelets. With impeccable craftsmanship, these are adorned with sterling silver charms, prayers, and Names of G-d denoting success, bounty and blessing. Also in the collection are black leather and silver bracelets decorated with Kabbalah elements known for their ability to convert negative into positive energies. Ha’ari jewelry is exclusive - only quality metals and stones are used.

Many of the bracelets are unisex and will look equally good on the wrists of men. They make beautiful and thoughtful gifts, expressing love and blessing.


So, step out with a Ha’ari bracelet around your wrist and feel a new control of your life. The world of body and spirit blend to give you beauty and protection. Feel uplifted as you wear your Kabbalah bracelet made in Israel. It is a beautiful way to express your spiritual ties with the land and people of Israel.

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