Israeli Air Force Kingfisher Commando Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Israeli Air Force Kingfisher Commando Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Product Description

The activities of this elite air force commando unit are top secret but the name and emblem are revealing. The Sheldag - kingfisher, is a bird that targets its prey, hovers above and then dives beneath the surface and efficiently catches and harpoons it. Admire the courage and strength. Proudly wear their T-shirt.

We present you with a choice of five sizes and six colors and the option of the print at the front or back. You will feel cool and comfortable in this 100% quality cotton shirt.

Washing instructions:
To ensure long-lasting wear machine wash on reverse side in cool cycle (not more than 30 degrees).

The aJudaica watermark on the website photo is for display only and will not appear on your T-shirt.

S-Width: 20" Height: 26"
M-Width: 21" Height: 27"
L-Width: 22" Height: 29"
XL-Width: 23" Height: 31"
XXL-Width: 24" Height: 32"



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