Plastic Shofar - Shana Tova

Plastic Shofar - Shana Tova

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9.0" (23cm)

Product Description

This brightly colored Shofar, made from sturdy plastic, has “Shanah Tovah” written in Hebrew on it down the front. It blows effortlessly emitting a clear sound. It will be a favorite with the children before Rosh Hashanah. Recommended for teachers. This should not be blown on Shabbat or Holidays.


SKU: UK09290
Size: 9.0" (23cm)
Material: Plastic

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good product

Sounds like a birthday horn. The children loved their shofar, just need to be careful that a whistle is easily released.

Plastic Shofar. I Loved!

Very beautiful and practical for teaching children. A Useful Tool in the classroom. They have a great bugle sound. The children will be delighted I liked them!

for the kids

My husband blows the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah and he practices at home weeks beforehand. So, I got a couple of these kids shofars for my young kids. This way, they also felt they were practicing. Very satisfied.

lot of noise

bought one for each of my young kids. They made an orchestra together. Sounded great but am not sure the neighbors thought it was so great!

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