Purim Groggers

Purim Groggers

$0.78 - $4.81

Product Description

On one day of the year, the usual atmosphere of respect in the Synagogue is broken by ear-shattering noises. The groggers are at work! These simple plastic groggers will contribute to the cacophony of sound. They are made in Israel and come in a variety of colors. Their small size will endear them to children although adults too will enjoy using them. Note the special offer for purchase of ten groggers. The size is 4” / 9 cms.

During the reading of the Megillah, every time mention is made of Haman, arch-villain of the story, we bang and make a huge noise, using groggers especially made for this purpose. This breakdown in the traditional decorum of the Synagogue is in keeping with the Biblical command to “wipe out the name of Amalek”. Haman was a descendant of Amalek.

10 groggers are available in mixed colors only.

Height: 4" / 9cm

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