Shraga Landesman Silver 4-Piece Havdalah Set - Aluminum

Shraga Landesman Silver 4-Piece Havdalah Set - Aluminum


Product Description

The well-known Judaica artist Shraga Landesman has produced this delightful havdalah set. Made from aluminum with turquoise decorations, it comprises a spice box, candle holder, havdalah cup and an attractive looking tray.
Some general laws regarding havdalah: You should not eat or drink before havdalah is recited. Whilst havdalah is being recited you can either sit or stand. Listen intently. Initially, havdalah should be recited on Saturday night but if for any reason this was omitted, you have until Tuesday evening but remember after Saturday night no spices or candle just the recitation over a cup of wine.


Material: Aluminum
Made in Israel
Artist: Shraga Landesman

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