Silver Band Ring from Golan Studio-72 Names of G-d

Silver Band Ring from Golan Studio-72 Names of G-d

Width: 0.4"/ 1 cm

Product Description

Uplifting body and soul!

With this ring you will be the proud owner of a piece of jewelry that will comfort, inspire and elevate your day. In the center of the ring is a Hamsa hand in 14K gold and around it are engraved the holy 72 names of G-d each name representing the source of a Divine energy that is the catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation. Look at the ring during the course of the day and allow its divine energies to reverberate within.

Additional info:
A ring suitable for men or women has been designed by Golan, a Jew who takes pride in his Yemenite ancestry and its tradition of Kabalah study and expertise in the field of silver craftsmanship. The jewelry he produces are classic pieces, appreciated world-wide for their beauty and deep spiritual message.


SKU: GS-0065
Size: Width: 0.4"/ 1 cm
Artist: Golan Studio
Made in Israel
Material: 925 Sterling Silver, 14k Gold

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