Star of David with Home Blessing in Hebrew

Star of David with Home Blessing in Hebrew

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Product Description

This moving Blessing for the Home is etched in Hebrew in the center of the traditional Star of David. The colors red, white and blue colors in a gold frame will blend in with the décor of any home. Each of the points of the Star depicts the various roles and symbols of the Twelve Tribes as allocated to them by Moshe in the wilderness.

In those times, every tribe had a specific individualized role that was tailor-made for his capabilities and talents. The life of every Jew was meaningful and productive. He knew that he was needed and appreciated. So too, the Jewish home with its positive spirit of love and peace should radiate appreciation to each member of the family, acknowledging his individuality and his own unique contribution to the Jewish nation.

This plaque will make a welcome gift to adorn any home.

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