Havdala Candles

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Havdalah Candles

The Havdalah candle should be braided from at least two wicks, most are braided from three and more. One reason for this is that the blessing said is "... Borei Me'Orei Ha'Aish", or "... He who Created lights of the fires", in plural. This is to demonstrate the difference (hence the word Havdalah, or separation) between the Sabbath and weekday, since we aren't permitted to light a fire on Shabbat.

The famous Safed, or Tsfat candle making company is located on a winding street on this beautiful mountain city. The items are hand dipped producing gorgous designs and colors, which are almost a pity to burn! The braided candles have more than one wick, as Halachically required and are available in a range of vivid colors. The pillar candles sport designs of Jerusalem, Flag of Israel and other designs, and the real piece de resistance is the etrog shaped, scented candle. The recipient will wonder why you're sending them an etrog, it's so lifelike! These items are both fun and beautiful, really appropriate for ushering out the Shabbat Queen.

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