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Showing 1-32 out of 1542 items

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We, at aJudaica love Jewish jewelry. (Maybe it is the women on our staff!) There is always something new. Each artist creatively expresses her individual taste and style. For an exciting visual experience, visit the aJudaica Jewish jewelry store online. We have assembled a huge stock of carefully chosen items that are constantly being updated. Our prices are competitive. Compare them to Amazon or Etsy. You will find items from $5 to $5,000. So, however much you plan to spend, there is something at aJudaica to suit your taste and your pocket. You will find on our website a full range of Jewish jewelry items made from gold or gold plate, pure silver or silver plate, diamond chips or semi-precious stones, rhodium or low-cost metal.


Browsing is easy at aJudaica. Jewish necklaces and pendants, Jewish rings and bracelets with charms and chains are all listed in separate categories. If you are interested in a specific Jewish symbol, there are separate categories for Star of David, Kabbalah, Hamsa, Chai symbol necklace, Menorah, Hoshen and much more.

If you want to examine the products of a specific artist, we have separate categories for each one. So, you can easily compare styles and themes. To name a few… Ha'ari and Golan specialize in Kabbalah items, Michal Kirat is known for her exquisite Roman Glass items, Iris excels in textile inspired jewelry, Nano offers micro miniature items, Yoel's produces exquisite filigree designs and Gali creates jewelry for the young in heart.

AJudaica is a window to the world for scores of Israel artists. There are famous names and less well-known. Whatever you choose, we stand behind all our jewelry items and you can be sure of top design, superior quality and the unique aJudaica service.

Want to buy a jewelry item for the man in your life? We offer a selection of Star of David bracelets, pendants, Chai necklaces, rings and more. Interested in a jewelry item that demonstrates support for Israel's Defense Forces? Browse through over 70 items. Looking for Hebrew name jewelry? A Hebrew name necklace, ring or bracelet with a personalized name or message? We have a selection with options for you to choose the text, font and language. Want to commemorate a special occasion with a charm to add to your bracelet? We have a fantastic choice for you to enjoy.


Here is a brief review of the traditional Jewish symbols that you will find in aJudaica's Hebrew jewelry selection.

The beloved six-pointed Star of David, representing identity, strength and protection, has been identified with the Jewish people for centuries. You will find on our website Stars of David in rhodium, gold, silver plate or sterling silver. There are Star of David necklaces (also known as Magen David necklaces), Star of David pendants, Star of David chains, Star of David earrings and Star of David bracelets. An exciting addition - many artists incorporate Jewish prayers and blessings into their Magen David designs, creating jewelry items of rare beauty and spiritual significance.

Almost as popular as the Star of David is the Hamsa. This traditional hand image with outstretched fingers is an ancient Oriental symbol believed to bring good luck and ward off the Evil Eye. We have a huge selection of low-cost Hamsa jewelry. One of our most popular items is a blue opal Hamsa Pendant Necklace.

A great gift to celebrate a milestone or other special occasion is a Chai necklace, comprising two Hebrew letters, "chet" and "yud", that spell "life" – a beautiful way to extend blessings and good wishes.

Other popular themes in Jewish jewelry are a mezuzah image, a replica of the mezuzah that brings protection to the home; a Menorah image, reminiscent of the magnificent Menorah that radiated light in the Temple or a reminder of the emblem of the State of Israel, the Breastplate Hoshen image, one of the holy garments of the High Priest; the Lion of Judah, a symbol of strength, power and royalty; the Tree of Life representing deep spiritual significance; the words of Shema, Judaism's sacred prayer; the heart image in all shapes, carrying a message of love and devotion; the Aaronic Priestly blessing; and the ever popular pomegranate.

Hebrew wording gives a Jewish flavor to any jewelry item. What could be more eloquent than a jewelry item engraved with words from Eishet Chayil, that wonderful tribute to the Jewish woman. Or, look for necklaces, bracelets and rings engraved with the words "Ani Le'dodi ve'dodi li" – great words of love. If you are a Kabbalah fan, you will be thrilled with our jewelry selection of mystical letter and word combinations that carry inner religious messages of prayer and blessing.


Basically, Jewish jewelry is a necklace, ring or bracelet with a religious theme. It incorporates a motif or symbol connecting it to the faith, culture or history of the Jewish people. Often Hebrew words or prayers are integrated into the design. World-over, Judaica jewelry is admired for its distinctive blend of tradition with contemporary fashion. Gifted and creative artists combine shapes, metals and semi-precious stones, to create unique Jewish jewelry of stunning beauty that is an eloquent statement of pride and loyalty to Jewish identity and heritage.


Whether you wish to celebrate a Festival, an occasion or a personal milestone, you are sure to find in aJudaica's Jewish Jewelry section an item of lasting beauty that will be treasured and cherished. Weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays, the birth of a child are all events that deserve a gift of jewelry that carries a cultural, religious and spiritual message. You can present a jewelry gift to a loved one or treat yourself to a gift - an Jewish jewelry item to serve as a lasting reminder of that special day or event.

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