Car Mezuzah by Adi Sidler

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Car Mezuzah by Sidler

What is a Car Mezuzah?

A car Mezuzah is a miniature Mezuzah case, usually colorful, attractive and decorative. According to Jewish law, there is no obligation to attach a Mezuzah case to a car. However, in recent years, car Mezuzahs, designed by leading Israeli Judaica artists, have enjoyed growing popularity.

Why are they so popular?

There is an element of danger on the road so it is natural for every driver to want to have with him in the car a Jewish symbol of protection reminding him of his Jewish identity and reassuring him of Divine care.

Adi Sidler's Car Mezuzahs

A leading contemporary Judaica artist, Adi Sidler, has designed a handsome collection of car Mezuzahs. His sharp minimalistic style and bright modern colors are extremely popular. His choice of designs come with options for at least eight colors.

If you enjoy symbols, you will appreciate the designs featuring the Star of David, protective Hamsa symbol or the proverbial dove of peace. If you are looking for a Hebrew text, there are car Mezuzah featuring the words Derech Tzlachah – bon voyage. Alternatively, consider the car Mezuzah on which are written words from the Travelers' Prayer.

All Adi Sidler car Mezuzahs are made from anodized aluminum and come with double sided adhesive tape on the reverse that will enable you to display it prominently at the front or side of the car in a place where it will be visible to all the passengers.

Always a pleasant gift!

Presenting a car mezuzah is a beautiful way to extend to a loved one a “drive safely” blessing. Present it to a dear one to celebrate a successful driving test. Stick it in the car before a major trip. It is a delightful farewell or welcome gift for a new car. Whichever Adi Sidler car Mezuzah you can be reassured to travel with peace of mind!

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