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Adi Sidler, born in 1983, is one of Israel's leading modern artists. After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art with honors, he decided to specialize in the field of Judaica, using his prodigious talents to re-interpret traditional Judaica, giving a new look to the religious items found in every Jewish home that for centuries were almost unchanged in shape and style. His goal was to create a sleek up-to-date style for traditional Judaica so that the contemporary Jew could use and enjoy Judaica items in the modern-style d&233;cor of his contemporary home.

Here, at aJudaica, you will find a wide choice of stunning Adi Sidler products - wash cups, mezuzah cases, charity boxes, Holiday items and Shabbat traveling candlesticks. Made from stainless steel or anodized aluminum, they display the characteristic Adi Sidler clean cut, minimalistic lines and enchanting bright and cheerful colors. His products are breathing new life into the world of Judaica and have been enthusiastically received by art galleries and in homes the world over.

Here, we offer you a choice of Adi Sidler's Shabbat travelling candlesticks. You will find a variety of styles – all of them exhibiting his neat clean cut, no-nonsense approach. Tea light fit in the side or on top. They are cut in pomegranate or Star of David shape. They all have etched on them the traditional Shabbat greeting, "Shabbat Shalom." There is a choice of modern vibrant colors – choose whatever takes your fancy.

Whether you are a regular traveler, have limited living space or simply enjoy minimalistic Judaica, you are sure to find a traveling candlestick of Adi Sidler that you will enjoy to either use or present as a gift to a dear one. These traveling candlesticks make a wonderful hostess or party gifts. Attractive and functional, they will be welcome in every home.

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