Agayof Aluminum Havdallah Set Modern Design - Red

Agayof Aluminum Havdallah Set Modern Design - Red

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  • Set Includes - Kiddush Cup, Candle Holder, Spice Box and Plate
  • Made from high quality Anodized Aluminum
  • Comes with LIFE TIME warranty

Product Description

Let the holy Shabbat linger with you for an extra moment as you bid it farewell using this striking Havdalah set created by world renowned Judaica artist, Avner Agayof who has blended the timeless traditions of the past with dramatic contemporary colors. On a pretty aluminum tray carrying words from the havdalah declaration stand three items: a sleek elegant wine cup colored cherry red with a silver band at the base features words from the wine blessing, a striking cherry red and silver colored spice box also featuring words from the blessing and a conical shaped candle holder with a time piece image in the center.
It is time to wish everyone “Shavuah tov” – Have a great week!

Tray Size - 9" x 6" / 23 X 15 cm
Height of kiddush cup: 4.5" / 11.5 cm
Height of candle holder: 3.75" / 9.5 cm
Diameter of spice box: 3.6" / 9 cm


SKU: AGY-Havdallah-007
Type: Havdallah set
Materials: anodized aluminium
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

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