Havdallah Set by Agayof

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Havdala Set by Agayof

Darkness falls and the holy Shabbat is coming to an end. Before rushing into the week, we eternalize the moment with the Havdalah recitation using wine, spices and a burning candle.

Prestigious Israeli artist, Avner Agayof, produces exclusive handcrafted anodized aluminum Judaica items that enhance Judaica collections and homes all over the world. Here, his creative gifts add splendid beauty to the Havdalah ceremony that bids farewell to the Shabbat. In his hallmark style, he combines precious tradition with contemporary style. His superb geometric shapes blended with text in perfect symmetry are a visual delight that stir the heart and soul.

AJudaica brings you his exclusive Havdalah sets created from anodized aluminum. They feature an engraved tray on which stands the classic Agayof Kiddush cup. The candle holders are shaped in his familiar hourglass design. The spice box is an original ball shape surrounded with an engraved disc.

The set comes in a choice of stunning colors that will take your breath away. Consider the dramatic jet black or bold red Havdalah Set. There is a bright pink, teal, gold and brown colored sets too – each one radiating an aura of respect and dignity for the Havdalah ceremony. The tray and spice holders are also available as separate purchases.

Agayof is an artist that always succeeds in surprising us with a bombastic touch. Here, his surprise creation is a handsome raised tray etched with words from the Havdalah recitation. On the tray rest dramatic looking balls, one of which opens up to reveal the special Havdalah spices. Alongside are the Kiddush cup and candle holder.

AJudaica take special pride in presenting Avner Agayof products as authentically Made in Israel. In his studio and workshop in Jerusalem, Avner and his team of artists focus on each stage ensuring that the quality of work maintain the traditional Agayof stringent standards of craftsmanship.

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