Salt and Pepper Shakers by Agayof

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Salt and Pepper Shakers by Agayof

As the popular saying goes – each unto his taste. Everyone feels differently about how much salt to add to his food. Some prefer bland tasting dishes. Others want their food to be so salty that they add it liberally to their dish even before tasting it.

In a Jewish home, the salt is there for more than adding flavor. It is a ritual item, a reminder of the Temple sacrifices where salt was always included. Ever since the Temple was destroyed, and the Jews began their long exile, at every meal, the bread is dipped into salt after reciting the blessing and before taking the first bite.

So, an essential item for your Shabbat table is a salt shaker. And of course, in the spirit of aesthetics, if there is a salt cellar, we want it to be elegant with a striking contemporary design that will blend with our up-to-date table décor.

Avner Agayof, Israeli artist, maestro of Judaica, has designed the perfect salt shaker perfect for a Shabbat or weekday. It is classy and will add color and style to your table. In the center is an elegant colored ball from which the salt is sprinkled and around it is an anodized aluminum disc on which is etched words from the blessing recited over bread. It comes in a range of eight stunning contemporary colors.

To complete the set, Agayof offers an identical design shaker for pepper. The style is identical except around the disc is etched the word "Pepper" in English and Hebrew. This too comes in a wide range of colors that match the salt shaker.

Whether you indulge in the shaker for yourself or to present to someone as a special gift, you can be sure of a prestigious item that is as exclusive as it is striking!

AJudaica takes special pride in presenting the products of Avner Agayof since every item is made in Israel, from start to finish, under his watchful eye. This is a Judaica item of supreme quality and durability.

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