Challah Boards and Knives by Agayof

Modern design Challah Knife by Agayof, in various contemporary colors.

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Showing 1-10 out of 10 items

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Agayof Challah Knives

When we nostalgically recall the Shabbat table, the first memory that springs to mind after the Kiddush recitation are the two challot, placed alongside each other on a board. The two loaves represent the Shabbat message – a total cut-off from weekday activities. They are a reminder of the double portion of manna that the Jews in the wilderness received on Friday in preparation for the holy Shabbat when no manna would fall. This is also the reason that the Challahs are covered above and below. They rest on a board and are covered by an attractive cloth, recalling the double layer of dew that wrapped the manna keeping it fresh – another reminder of G-d’s eternal protection of the Jewish nation.

Today, keeping the Shabbat mitzvahs fresh and relevant, we want our Judaica table items to be attractive and pleasant to the eye. Avner Agayof, exclusive artist and craftsman, lives and works in Jerusalem. There he designs and creates high class Judaica that is highly respected – displayed in galleries, museums and homes the world-over.

His collection of Challah Boards are an impressive piece of craftsmanship. A wooden board is covered with an anodized aluminum on which is engraved words from the blessing recited over bread. For cutting the challah, the board slides out and fits neatly on top of the metal. This then forms a tray to pass around the table. The boards comes in the Agayof tradition of color choice – teal, gold, gray, blue or purple.

Matching the boards are the challah knives. A classic shape with a colored handle engraved with the words “Shabbat Kodesh.” The knives are excellent quality with a blade that will give years of good wear.

A Shabbat with Avner Agayof at your table will be an elevating experience. Whatever you choose from his superb collection, you can be sure of a prestigious item that will bring beauty and dignity to the Shabbat and Jewish Festivals.

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