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Agayof Wash Cups

AJudaica is honored to represent on its website the renowned Judaica artist, Avner Agayof. In his studio and workshop in Jerusalem, he designs and produces quality Judaica items of renowned exclusivity - many are already esteemed collector's pieces. Avner's greatest satisfaction is the knowledge that his products are being used and enjoyed in Jewish homes all over the world!

An accomplished silversmith, he transforms anodized aluminum into exquisitely beautiful Judaica that is traditional but contemporary and stylish. His hallmark style is the integration of geometrical shapes with engraved text. Each item comes in a range of stunning colors ensuring that there is a shade for every taste and décor.

A natal- wash cup – is an essential item in every Jewish home. From the moment a Jew rises in the morning and throughout the day, there are occasions when it is necessary to wash the hands. So, a natal is needed alongside every sink in the home.

We present the Agayof range of ritual wash cups. Each one is a work of art - supremely functional and astonishingly beautiful. The basic design features a cone shape above and below, joined with a narrow silver band with Hebrew wording. The angular handles blend in perfect symmetry with the shape of the cup. The delightful choice of colors will ensure that your Agayof natal is also an impressive and interesting home decoration.

Agayof draws our attention to another ritual washing of hands - the "mayim achronim" when the fingers are washed at the end of the meal before reciting birchat ha'mazon. With a choice of colors, Agayof has designed a classic mayim achronim set that is sleek and elegant and serves its function perfectly.

The ultimate mayim achronim dish is his pump design – original, innovative and the most exclusive Judaica item you can present to as a gift.

Agayof designs and produces his products in his workshop in Jerusalem where he personally supervises every stage. So, an Agayof product is truly “Made in Israel.”

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