Fountains and Kiddush Cups by Agayof

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Kiddush Cups and Fountains by Agayof

Avner Agayof, leading Israeli artist, designs exclusive Judaica items that take pride of place in Jewish homes the world-over. He is known for his sleek contemporary style, creating magnificent geometric shapes that blend with text in a choice of stunning contemporary colors. Agayof products are all made in Israel under his personal supervision.

On our aJudaica website, you can stroll through our selection of Agayof modern-style quality Kiddush cups or Kiddush Fountains. You will be impressed with his original elegant styles and the choice of exquisite colors available for each item.

The Kiddush cups, produced from anodized aluminum, are strikingly shaped. They have a fashionable matt finish and an elegant silver stripe or black lettering at the base. The Teflon-coating ensures an easy clean without any after-taste. You will find silver, gold, black, red, orange, pink and green colors - each one a stunning addition to any Shabbat table.

Where there are many guests or members of the family, make a splash and indulge in an Agayof Kiddush cup set – six or eight smaller size cups on a tray, with the main Kiddush cup in the center. After reciting Kiddush, simply pour wine into each cup and pass around the table.

If you are looking for a really impressive Shabbat table item – for yourself, as a gift or as a presentation, consider an Agayof impressive wine fountain. It will never fail to charm and fascinate – week after week. After Kiddush, the wine is poured into a central funnel and everyone watches as it trickles into the individual cups that are then passed around the table.

A prestigious Agayof cup will honor the Kiddush ceremony that begins the Shabbat evening and morning meal. It also expresses your respect for the Shabbat and will bring delight and pleasure to everyone sitting around your table.

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