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Agayof Tzedaka Box

Meet Avner Agayof, celebrated Judaica artist. In his studio in Jerusalem, he works together with his father, creating magnificent Judaica items that express traditional Judaica themes in ultra-modern designs. His hallmark is sleek geometric forms – circles, squares and triangles – integrating them with texts. His stunning color combinations are original and eye-catching.

With 40 years rich experience in the field, Agayof is respected the world over for his products’ design and quality. Stroll through the aJudaica website and enjoy viewing his impressive collection – candlesticks, wash cups, Kiddush cups, Menorahs, Mezuzah cases and much more – all available in a choice of striking colors.

An exciting addition to the Agayof Collection is his distinguished looking Charity Boxes. For centuries, charity boxes were to be found in every Jewish home. Coins were slipped into it at the beginning and end of the day and many times in-between, especially before Shabbat candle lighting time.

Agayof has changed the concept of a plain looking box standing in a corner. His fashionable boxes are eye-catching and will take pride of place in any Jewish home. Made of anodized aluminum, they carry the customary shape with the slot at the top to drop in the coins and an opening at the base.

He presents us with two striking designs – both made from anodized aluminum. One depicts a laser cut Tree of Life with extended roots, a powerful reference to the power of charity that brings the merit of life. The second design features a trendy color combination highlighting the vertical etching of the word Tzedakah at the front of the box. Both designs are available in a choice of stunning colors.

Whichever design you choose, an Agayof charity box will help to make giving charity relevant and meaningful. Display it prominently. It will enhance your home, matching your décor. Present it as a gift. It will be welcomed with appreciation and recognized for its art and cultural value.

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