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With Jewish holidays scattered throughout the year, a Jew is always before or after a Festival. Avner Agayof, renowned Israeli Judaica artist, presents us with a choice of ritual items for each Festival. They will enhance these special days and bring beauty and quality to your table and home.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is marked with dipping apples in honey, expressing the prayer and hope for a sweet New Year. Agayof’s exclusive anodized aluminum honey dishes come in a choice of stunning colors.

Then comes the Sukkot Festival characterized by the “Four Species” including the precious Etrog. Store it in the Agayof oval shaped anodized aluminum Etrog box – also available in a choice of seven exciting colors.

Move on to Chanukah. You will find Agayof’s Menorah selection on a separate web page.

Then it is Purim. To add to the noise created in the Synagogue when the name of wicked Haman is mentioned, Agayof offers us prestigious and entertaining Groggers that during the year are delightful home decorations.

Finally, it is Pesach, preceded by intensive cleaning home cleaning climaxed with the bedikas chametz ceremony. Enhance the ritual with Agayof’s prestigious steamroller which will certainly be an exclusive Judaica display item.

The focal point of the Seder night of Pessach when families gather to relate the story of the Exodus from Egypt is the Seder Plate holding the ritual foods. Agayof glorifies the evening with a magnificent anodized aluminum Seder plate. For a more elaborate display, he offers the Seder Plate as the top layer of a three tier Matzah stand with shelves for the three ritual Matzohs. All in the traditional stunning Agayof choice of colors.

These are only a brief review of the comprehensive Agayof Collection carried by AJudaica. We invite you to scroll through his collection on our website. Every item is a visual delight that will make a beautiful gift – for yourself or others!

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