Gold Color Challah Board with Blessing by Agayof

Gold Color Challah Board with Blessing by Agayof


Product Description

This unique Challah Board by Israeli designer Agayof is comprised of two parts, the upper colored tray on which rest the Challot and a lower compartment which houses the wood cutting board. On the top part is carved out part of the Hamotzi Blessing recited on the Challot. The wooden board has four indentations corresponding to the four metal plates on each corner of the tray, ensuring that the board is firmly kept in place during cutting.
Comes in a majestic gold color.


SKU: AGY-CB-005-Gold
Width: 17.7"/45 cm
Length: 11.8"/30 cm
Material: Anodized aluminium, wood.
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

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