Anodized Aluminium Etrog Box By Agayof

Anodized Aluminium Etrog Box By Agayof


Product Description

An exclusive Etrog box from Avner Agayof – a fitting match for your beautiful Etrog! You will want to have it with you all the time on Sukkot. Take it to the Synagogue, display it in your home, show it to your friends and guests – it will always be a prized possession.

Standing on small spiked feet, it is oval shaped and carries a silver band in the center with the Biblical word for Etrog, “pri etz hadar.” Choose from seven delightful colors – all of them striking, elegant and durable.


Height: 7"/18 cm
Width: 4.7"/12 cm
Type: Sukkot
Materials: anodized aluminium
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

Copyright 2002-today
1 Imrei Baruch st. Bnei Brak 56109 Israel