Bronze Star of David with Jerusalem Background

Bronze Star of David with Jerusalem Background

Height 9cm / 3.5" Width 9cm / 3.5"

Product Description

Here is a beautiful bronze metal plaque. Set in the center of a Star of David are images of Old City Jerusalem a reminder that even in the splendor of his home, a Jew is aware that his real home is in Jerusalem. Around the six points of the Star are the symbols of the Twelve Tribes. In addition to the symbols, each tribe was allocated his own color, that was also the color of his flag and the color of his stone on the Breastplate of the High Priest.

The six points of the Star have been referred to as the six points of the universe (four compass directions and above and below). The diversity of the Jewish nation spreads out in all directions but everyone is united since all the points emanate from the central point of the Star unswerving belief in G-d and observance of the Torah and mitzvot.

What a delightful gift. This plaque can be hung in the Mizrach wall of any room indicating the direction to face when praying.

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