Car Mezuzah - Colorful Judaica Motifs

By Sty-IL

Car Mezuzah - Colorful Judaica Motifs

By Sty-IL

Product Description

One of our most popular car mezuzahs. Vibrant and colorful, this will make a charming decoration for your car. Painted in bright red, orange and yellow, are familiar Jewish motifs known for their protection qualities: the Dove of Peace, Star of David, Hamsa hand and the Chai letters. Star of David, Chai and the letter “shin” with the traditional mezuzah "shin" letter. Alongside the mezuzah is printed Tefillat HaDerech, the Travelers Prayer, recited when embarking on a journey outside the city.

A meaningful gift. Made in Israel. .


SKU: SG-04004
Length: 2.1 / 6cm

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