Extra Small Gemsbok Shofar

By Israel Shofars
Extra Small Gemsbok Shofar

Extra Small Gemsbok Shofar

By Israel Shofars

Product Description

The Gemsbok Shofar comes from a Kosher African antelope. Unlike the traditional curves and spirals of the traditional shofar, the Gemsbok is straight. This one is relatively small length 26-27. We have many in stock so you can sure of swift delivery. Non-scented, it carries the full Rabbinate seal. Before shipping, it is again checked for quality and sound. The shape and color may vary from the illustration.

Here are some pointers on storing your precious Shofar. It is best kept in the open air. So, feel comfortable to display it on your sideboard or on a special stand. It should not be stored in a bag or closed area for a length of time. It is a good idea to dry out the Shofar after any extended blowing session. After use, always blow out your Shofar with canned air. We wish you successful blowing!


Size: 23"-24"
Handmade in Israel

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