Floating Wicks and Cork Floaters - Box of 50

Floating Wicks and Cork Floaters - Box of 50


Product Description

No need any more to roll cotton to form the wicks to light your Chanukah Menorah with olive oil. This special kit contains some 50 cork floaters and a bundle of wicks thick enough to burn for the required time. Simply insert the wicks through the hole in the center of the floater. The oil burns and the cups stay clean.

Choose either round or octagonal shaped floaters. Both are effective. The difference is are only in the design.


Round - 16mm Diameter
Octagonal - 18mm Diameter

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Average rating: 4.3 / 5.0 based on 4 reviews

Good Product

It's just what I needed


Genius of an idea - used it every day on Chanukah and enjoyed a nice clean light. Thank you ajudaica

Not enough information

Would have like to see a note on fire precautions

Quick and easy

I have heard of people rolling wicks on Chanukah but I wanted something quick and easy. this is perfect. What a genius idea.

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