Friekmanndar Glass Cohen's Blessing in Hebrew - Pastel shades

Friekmanndar Glass Cohen's Blessing in Hebrew - Pastel shades


Product Description

In the center of this glass wall plaque, created by Friekmanndar Artists in Israel, are the powerful words of the Aaronic blessing, used by Jewish priests since Bible times to invoke blessings from above. Around it are small panes of delicately colored glass in shades of white, violet, beige, blue and green. These calming relaxing colors of peace and tranquility are just the right background for your home or place of work to benefit from the fulfillment of the Priestly blessing that was originally given to Aaron, High Priest, brother of Moses.

These are the words of the Aaronic Blessing: (Numbers 6: 24-26) recited by the Priests when they bless the Congregation.

May G d bless you and guard you.
May G d shine His countenance upon you and be gracious to you.
May G d turn His countenance toward you and grant you peace.


Artist: Friekmanndar
Made in Israel
Material: stained glass
Height: 5.5"/14 cm

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