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On the Hamsa

The Hamsa’s origins are shrouded in mystery and nobody is really sure where the story began. What is certain though is that today, the Hamsa hand has become a Jewish and very Israeli symbol.

You will find in aJudaica…

Ajudaica offers a huge selection of Hamsas. There are Hamsa wall decorations, clothing, jewelry and ritual articles. We offer a range of low cost affordable metal Hamsas together with prestigious decorative Hamsas bedecked with beads and semi-precious stones. Many have been designed and produced by leading Judaica artists such as Michal ben Yosef, David Gerstein, Tzuki, Dorit Judaica, Ester Shahaf and others.

Frequently, Hamsas incorporate additional Jewish motifs and symbols, giving them a distinctive look. You will find Biblical quotations, peace doves, mystical letter combinations and blessing words. Dvora Black from Jerusalem offers a selection of impressive hand finished framed prints. Friekmanndar has perfected stained glass techniques. Her Hamsas are a delight to the eye.

Empower yourself!

With the revival of interest in Kabbalah, the Hamsa amulet is almost as popular as the Star of David, worn or hung in the home to ward off the influence of the Evil Eye. It is reputed to protection from harm, bad luck or other misfortunes, empowering the owner with positive energy, prosperity, happiness and good health.

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