Misc Blessings

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Showing 1-30 out of 30 items

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Miscellaneous Blessings

These unusual items are Blessings in different forms. The Hamsa Travelers Blessing with Besamim (fragrant spices) is a beautiful favor to present at festive occasions and can be used during the Havdalah ceremony. The white leather Brides Prayer booklet comes with an elegant white leather cover studded with crystals and contains a precious prayer for the bride on her wedding day. For handy business card sized blessings, the laminated cards come in many versions of prayers, in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. You can choose from blessings for easy birth, traveler's prayer, amulets against the evil eye, success, good health and many more. The handsome framed items have a gold metal central design of Jerusalem with prayers in Russian, English and Hebrew and feature Jewish themes such as Menorah, Hamsa and Western Wall. the Hebrew Home Blessing clock will decorate your sideboard or end table as will the Mazal Tov photo album, where you will proudly be able to display pictures ornamentally.

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