Kosher Elite Instant Coffee

Kosher Elite Instant Coffee

$6.16 - $10.33
  • Elite an Israeli coffee tradition going back 70 years
  • Classic coffee: Add hot water, sugar and milk or
  • Try a milk only coffee for a soothing experience

Product Description

Sip a cup of Elite coffee and enjoy the special taste and aroma that comes to you with love from the Holy Land. Enjoying Israeli coffee is a way of saying, "I love Israel." It makes the perfect hostess gift. Add it to your mishloach manot. Present it to friends.

Made in Israel. Strictly Kosher. Carries seal of Rabbinate Safed and Badatz Jerusalem

Choice: 50 gr-Small or 200 gr-Large economy size


Elite 100% Pure Coffee
50 gr or 200 gr tin


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