Roasted Ground Black Turkish Coffee - Elite Kosher

Roasted Ground Black Turkish Coffee - Elite Kosher

$6.31 - $9.47
  • Are you passionate about Israeli coffee?
  • Then taste Elite's roasted ground coffee
  • Packaged to preserve freshness long-time
  • Fully certified Kosher

Product Description

Classic Israeli coffee - a cup of hot ground Turkish coffee - is the perfect way to start the day wherever you are. The cup's rich aroma will bring back nostalgic memories of Israel as it keeps you energized throughout the day.

100% Kosher. Certification from Badatz of Jerusalem and Lod Rabbinate.

Directions for Traditional Cooked Version - "Kafe Turki"
1. Boil water - one cup for each person
2. Add a heaped tea spoon of coffee for each cup together with sugar (optional).
3. Stir. Bring to a boil on low flame. Remove. Do not overcook.

Directions for Uncooked Version - "kafe Botz" ("Mud Coffee")
1. Use a drinking glass or a mug.
2. Add 1-2 tsps coffee together with sugar ((optional)
3. 4. Pour in hot water or milk. Allow to stand for a few minutes until the coffee grounds settle at the base of the cup.

Store closed package store in freezer. After opening keep in cold dry place.

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