Mehudar Enhanced Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - Ashkenazi

Mehudar Enhanced Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - Ashkenazi

$65.99 - $72.04

Product Description

This aesthetically pleasing Mehudar Mezuzah parchment will definitely enhance your observance of the Mitzvah. The quality writing, in the Ashkenazi style script, reflects an experienced and learned scribe. The parchment is Shelil, quality calf hide. Select from four sizes. It is important for the scroll to fit comfortably into the case.

On completion, the script is carefully examined by an expert proofreader to ensure that the letters and spaces are halachically correct. A computer then checks that there are no missing or additional letters. You will receive a certificate with a four year warranty confirming that it is 100% Kosher.

With each purchase comes a note with the blessing and basic instructions for attaching the Mezuzah to the doorpost.

All aJudaica mezuzah parchments are 100% kosher. The terms: basic, upgraded and mehudar refer to graded levels of excellence. Basic parchments meet minimal requirements. Upgraded is a more advanced level and Mehudar denotes the highest level of craftsmanship - script that is especially pleasing to the eye as befits such a holy item.


Material: Klaf Shelil
Made in Israel


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