Psalm 121 Pendant by Nano Gold - Gold Plated

Psalm 121 Pendant by Nano Gold - Gold Plated


Product Description

Handmade in Israel, this piece comes from our exclusive Psalms collection - "Song of Ascents".

Made of natural zircon stone and set in gold plate, this piece is beautifully inscribed with the hebrew psalm 121 which beging with "Song of Ascents" imprinted in 24k gold by innovative technology.

This technology has been developed by Nano-jewelry Design and ensures extremely high resolution. This technique enables a combination of miniature graphics or text in the design, which can be viewed with a magnifying glass (attached to each article).

Supply time: 2-3 days


Artist: Nano_Jewelry
Materails: Zirconia stone, gold plate, 24k gold imprint
Chain: Gold filled
Made in Israel
Size: diameter 8 mm

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