Eshet Chail Pendant By Nano Gold - Gold

Eshet Chail Pendant By Nano Gold - Gold


Product Description

Handmade in Israel, this piece comes from our exclusive Woman of Valor- "Eshet Chail" collection.

Made of natural zircon stone and set in gold, this piece is beautifully inscribed with a delicate flower and the hebrew words "Eshet chail Mi Yimtza" imprinted in 24k gold imprint using innovative technology.

This technology has been developed by Nano-jewelry Design and ensures extremely high resolution. This technique enables a combination of miniature graphics or text in the design, which can be viewed with a magnifying glass (attached to each article).

Supply time: 2-3 days


Artist: Nano_Jewelry
Materails: Zirconia stone, 14k gold, 24k gold imprint
Made in Israel
Size: diameter 8 mm

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