Shema Yisrael Star of David 14k Gold Necklace

Shema Yisrael Star of David 14k Gold Necklace

Diameter: 8 mm.

Product Description

This lovely Shema Yisrael Star of David Necklace is a part of the Nano Jewish Jewelry line. A natural zircon stone on a 14k gold chain that incorporates both beauty and depth results in a perfect piece. The Necklace features a Star of David, in the center of which is featured the first line of the Shema Yisrael prayer.

Both the image and verse were imprinted in 24k gold using the innovative Nano technology technique, that ensures the imprinting of miniature text and figures with very high resolution.

The image and verse can be viewed comfortably using a magnifying glass that comes with the pendant.

Diameter: 8mm

Comes with an 18 inch gold filled chain.


SKU: NN-ZH-2002
Size: Diameter: 8 mm.
Artist: Nano_Jewelry

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