Silver Color Seder Plate with Purple Cups - Agayof

Silver Color Seder Plate with Purple Cups - Agayof


Product Description

Every item that is placed on the Seder plate has deep significance. So, you will want a plate that is distinctive and worthy of the attention it receives. We recommend this Avner Agayof Seder plate a work of rare art and beauty.

The traditional Seder plate is brought right up-to-date with this contemporary style silver colored aluminum tray. Resting on it are six purple colored small bowls to hold the special Seder plate items. Around the rim of the plate are words that remind us of the mitzvah never to forget how we were saved from Egypt.


Type: Passover
Materials: anodized aluminium
Diameter: 13.7"/35 cm
Made in Israel
Artist: Agayof

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