Twelve Tribes Star of David with Jerusalem Background

Twelve Tribes Star of David with Jerusalem Background

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Product Description

You will love this wall hanging. In a gold frame highlighted with a blue and maroon color is the Star of David. In the center is a delightful artistís impression of Old City Jerusalem and underneath is etched in bold letters JERUSALEM. In each of the six points of the stars are the emblems that signified the role of the twelve tribes in the Jewish nation.

Reuvenís symbol was mandrakes, Shimonís a picture of a city (Shechem), Leviís the Choshen, Yehudah was a lion, Issachar - a sun and a moon, Zevulon - a ship and a moon, Dan a snake, Gad a military camp, Naftali a deer, Asher - an olive branch, Yosef divided into Menashe, an ox and Ephraim an antelope. Binyamin was represented by a wolf.

This delightful wall hanging will enhance your home and will serve as a reminder of the noble past of the Jewish nation.

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