Zion pendant on Sterling Silver Star of David

Zion pendant on Sterling Silver Star of David

Height: 2cm / 0.9"

Product Description

You will enjoy wearing this delicate sterling silver pendant combining two vibrant Jewish symbols - the Star of David and Zion. The Star of David, used as a protection amulet for over a thousand years, is associated with deep mystical concepts and carries a message of Divine protection. Across the center of the pendant in bold Hebrew letters is the word “Zion”, a cherished expression of Jewish identity. Mentioned over 150 times in the Bible, Zion original referred to the fortress on which the holy city of Jerusalem was built and over the years it has become a symbol of Jewish identity. It even became a well-known boy’s name. The equivalent name for girls is Ziona.


SKU: BY-61013
Size: Height: 2cm / 0.9"
Materials: Sterling Silver

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