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Jewish Clothing

Jewish Clothing

We feature head coverings for orthodox Jewish women, tasteful Jerusalem ties, and Israel and Jewish-themed caps and skull caps (Yarmulkah, Kippa) as well as the kittel. The kittel is a white garment worn by observant Jewish men on solemn occasions and celebrations such as holidays and weddings. These are all high-quality garments made of the finest materials and featuring faultless workmanship and original designs.

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Traditional Jewish clothing

One of the praises given to the Jews regarding their behavior as slaves in Egypt is that they didn't change their mode of clothing. This is one of the things which enabled them to keep their Jewish identity until G-d commanded Moses to lead them out of Egypt. Modest women's wear include head coverings in attractive scarves, bandannas and snoods. Other items featured here proclaim Jewish or Israeli identity. The Hebrew-English baby onesies are the perfect granny gift!

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