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This page is the online equivalent for rummaging through garage sales and bargain basements. Here you can find quality items at extremely low prices, through no fault of their own!

Showing 1-32 out of 42 items
Showing 1-32 out of 42 items

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Everyone loves a bargain. But not everyone loves looking for them in crowded stores when you do not know if the goods are end of line, damaged or closeout. Pressured and pushed around, you may buy what you do not need or want.

Ajudaica has an alternative. Instead of the frustration and tiring your feet and hands as you rummage through piles of sales items, we offer you a Bargains and Overstock page. Scroll through it in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What is Bargains & Overstock

This is the aJudaica Sales Corner where every item is sold at a reduced price. You can be sure of a substantial saving. These are authentic overstocks. All items have been or are still available on our web site.

Why do we sell items in Bargains and Overstock? End of line and only a few items left Space is needed for new stock Cosmetics are a few months before expiration date Artists have sent us new designs for same line Returned items that cannot be sold as new Slight flaws

Where there is a slight flaw, we will always tell you what it is so there are no surprises. We also tell you how many items remain in stock. So, you have the full picture.

Ajudaica Service

Your bargain purchase will receive the same level of service and guarantee as if you paid the full regular price. If you are not fully satisfied, goods can be returned provided they are unused and in their original condition. We refer you to our Return Policy page for more information.


Bookmark this page. Keep your eye on it regularly. We are constantly adding new items. At the end of the calendar year when we do stock taking, you are sure to find lots of bargains.

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