3 Pewter "Knesset" Keychains

3 Pewter "Knesset" Keychains

4.5cm / 1.5"

Product Description

3-pack Square pewter keychains
with the Israeli "Knesset"
Menorah symbol.


SKU: SO-keychain1
Size: 4.5cm / 1.5"

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Great Purchase רכישה גדולה

I am happy with this purchase, the key chains have a good weight and size. One side says Israel in English and the other in Hebrew. You can also use it as a pendant. אני שמח עם הרכישה הזו, יש לי מחזיקי מפתחות משקל טוב וגודל. צד אחד אומר ישראל באנגלית והאחרת בעברית. אתה יכול גם להשתמש בו כתליון.

Best ever!

This one haven't change it since received it, to me is the best ever keychain I've ever had. When I see it I get transported to the glory of the Beit HaMikdash when it was standing in Eretz Yisrael, Shlomo Melek, Rabenu teaching there nearly 2,000 years ago, etc., and all its history until its destruction by the Romans. However, somehow all that history today lives within us, and all brought to memory by a little, simple, keychain! CheerS

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