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Jewish Holidays or Yom Tov

The Jewish Holidays are marked by many rituals and ceremonies, and are also celebrated with family and friends, so there is a need for diverse ceremonial items, and gifts for family and hosts. On Rosh Hashana, these includes Machzorim, or relevant prayer books, and Hebrew New Year Cards with good year wishes to all. Honey dishes abound, in tradtional and contemporary design, as do holders for apples, pomegranates and Simanim, the symbolic foods eaten then. Kittels and prayer shawls chosen for the solemn prayer services on this High Holy Day. On Sukkot and Simchat Torah, the Sukkah decorations and posters are used for decorations on this most joyous holiday, and Etrog Holders are popular gifts for holding the ritual citron for the special commandment of the Four Species. On chanukah, of course, Menorahs, dreidels, oil and candles abount, in stunning styles and colors, ranging for classic to avant garde. The dominant items for Pesach, or Passover are the Seder plates, again in styles ranging from traditional to ultra cool, Matza Trays and Matza and Afikoman Covers in many materials. The Haggadah to be recited at the Seder is available in translations to many languages so that the story of Exodus can be understood by all. Lovely hand towels with Passover themes are available as a hostess gift and as further decoration to the festive Seder table. Kiddush Cups or goblets come in various materials and decorations.

Jewish Holidays are the perfect time for giving Jewish gifts, but you can give these items any time of the year. Ajudaica features gifts for many major Jewish holidays: Passover, Purim, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and Simchat Torah. These items are both decorative and useful for religious observance and will give many years of good service and fond memories.

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