Star Of David Pendants By Nano

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Star of David Pendants by Nano

Wherever you are – in a crowded city metropolis or in the jungles of Africa - a Star of David pendant makes a clear declaration of your identity. If it is a Nano necklace, it is also a statement of good taste and preference for high quality exclusive jewelry.

Nano, an Israeli company centered in Tel Aviv, has pioneered an exciting new approach to jewelry. Using advanced scientific developments in the field of nano creativity, it has created jewelry with miniature size inscriptions, giving an aura of mystery and excitement.

The Star of David Nano Collection features the prominent Star – two superimposed triangles with deep mystical significance, the symbol chosen to represent the State of Israel. Ever since, wearing the Star of David is another way of saying, "I love Israel!"

You will find in the Collection, pendants in silver, gold plated or gold. Each one comes with a gold-filled chain in a choice of sizes. In the center of the pendant, a 24k gold Star of David is elegantly imprinted either on black onyx stone known for its healing properties or on a gleaming zirconia stone that comes in a choice of pleasing colors.

Some feature the sacred words of Shema Yisrael, the Jew's eternal declaration of faith. Others have imprinted the ancient mystical Ana Bekoach prayer. Some contain miniature imprints of the Psalm's Songs of Ascents. Others hold mystical Kabbalah letter combinations. And there are pendants with a double Star of David design. For the man in your life, there is a splendid looking masculine pendant featuring sun rays with the Shema Yisrael prayer and Kabbalistic combinations.

Your Nano Star of David will arrive in a pretty presentation box making it a fantastic gift that every girl will adore and if she wants to examine the imprint text, each pendant comes with a small keyring size magnifying glass.

Scroll through the selection of Nano Star of David pendants. Each one is a piece of jewelry that any girl would want to wear.

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