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Meet Gal Cohen, one of Israelís up and coming young jewelry designers. Ever since she was a child (not too long ago!) she dreamt about creating her own jewelry. Now, in her early 20's, her dream has come true. In the coastal town of Herzlia, she has established a studio and workshop where she creates trendy jewelry for young men and women. Her stylish necklaces, bracelets pendants and anklets are enjoying a growing popularity in Israel and beyond.

Venturing into a field inhabited mostly by young people, Gal has designed an exclusive collection of Anklet Jewelry. Although anklets are as old as history, in the past, they were mostly worn in the Far East - in India, they were an essential feature of a young girlís trousseau. In the 1900ís with the liberation of women, anklets became a feature of Western world jewelry. Today they are worn for day or evening wear, on one or both feet, for formal or casual wear. Fashionable and trendy, they are the perfect jewelry to wear on the beach of Herzlia, not too far from where Gal lives and works.

Marketing under the name of Galis Jewelry, you will find on our website a full selection of her anklets. Whether you choose one from gold plate, gold fill, metal or beads, you will find it to be subtle and elegant carrying a meaningful message that reflects your personality and individuality. If you enjoy jewelry with a spiritual flavor, try her Hamsa anklets, Stars of David and of course, the Evil Eye deterrent, reputed to protect from negative influences. Many of her anklets are decorated with beads and stones, known for their powerful influences.

AJudaica takes pride to bring to you the trendy anklet collection of Gal. They will make every young person feel good about herself and her individuality. Made in Israel, they come in a pretty box making them the perfect gift to present to a friend or anyone special in your life. Or you can celebrate and treat yourself!

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