Galis Jewelry

Gali's Jewelry

AJudaica introduces you to Gal Cohen, a young Israeli jewelry artist who has made a great name for herself as a designer of trendy jewelry that radiates feminine chic and charm. Stationed in Israel’s coastal town of Herzlia, she markets under the name of Galis Jewelry, selling mostly online.

Young and with-it, she knows what young people like to wear and she creates for them in an endless variety of styles and themes using gold and silver plate with chains of metal, leather or cord. She thoroughly enjoys wearing her own stylish jewelry, matching it up with day or evening, casual or dressy wear. A Galis jewelry item will always bring you interest and lots of compliments.

Living close to the beach, she has a full collection of anklets that will look just perfect with dazzling beachwear. Subtle and refined, they make a statement for themselves.

Her necklace collection displays amazing motifs that will appeal to the young and fashion conscious. You will find the traditional Hamsa, Evil Eye protection and Star of David. There are lots of anchors, rings, hearts, birds and flowers. Notice the intriguing double pendants that suggest the beauty of communication and partnership.

As jewelry for men becomes increasingly popular, Gal has entered the field with a selection of awesome wrist bracelets. With straps or wrap-around, many are decorated with a metal plate on which are inscribed words of prayer and traditional Jewish blessings. Others carry popular motifs – the Star of David, a music clef, a whale’s tale, an anchor or a ship’s wheel. All exude masculine pride and strength with purposeful life direction.

If you are looking to celebrate yourself or your dear one, a Gallis Jewelry item is the right trend setting gift. It is a glamorous accessory that will add charm and elegance to day or evening wear. In a crowded room, on the beach or at work, it will always bring you a round of applause. So, enjoy and let others enjoy with you…!

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