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Showing 1-2 out of 2 items

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If you are young and fashion conscious, you want to wear jewelry that is playful, trendy and low cost. We invite you to scroll through aJudaica’s selection of Galis Necklaces. You will find there the perfect necklace that speaks to your heart.

Gal Cohen, marketing under the name of Galis, is young, trendy and very much part of the jewelry fashion world. She knows what young people want and she creates it for them… a choice of necklaces that are fresh and zesty, conveying the spirit of youth. A Galis jewelry item makes a statement. It creates individuality, self-expression and always leaves a lasting impression.

So, scroll through and take your pick. If you are inclined to mysticism, you will love her intriguing Hamsa necklace with its feminine web design and turquoise bead that drives away negative influences. Proudly display your love of Israel with any of her Stars of David or a daring map of Israel pendant that clearly declares your loyalty.

Galis present us with lots of shapes. There are circles of life, intertwining rings, teardrops, squares, circles and ovals. Each one is a delicate creation, a pendent suspended on a feminine black or beige cord. Mirroring her collection of men’s jewelry, you will find a choice of anchor symbols that speak of strength, direction and security. Soar above with her three bird necklace or enjoy the secrets of a dragonfly pendants. Crown a loved one with a laurel wreath necklace. “Two is always better than one” says Gallis’ double necklaces. Whether it is the two-heart, flower, circle or oval shape, they carry a romantic message that will not be missed.

A Gallis necklace, the perfect accessory to your outfit, is an expression of a life-style. It hints to the journey of life that takes you many places. It is the perfect gift from someone special to someone even more special who is close to your heart.

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