Jewelry for Men by Galis

The million dollar menís jewelry business reflects a major change in public attitudes. In ancient cultures, men adorned themselves with jewelry. However, in the Western world, jewelry was an area that until recently belonged exclusively to women. Gal Cohen, a young up-and-coming Israeli jewelry artist, is part of the changing picture.

Gal represents the world of the young. Her collection of menís jewelry includes trend-setting items that have found a growing market in Israel and the world-over. Since men do not feel comfortable entering a jewelry store and trying on jewelry, Gal sells extensively online. AJudaica takes pride in presenting to its customers her exclusive jewelry collection for men.

Galis menís bracelets are the perfect fashion accessory for the modern young man. Made from leather, suede or rope they carry a masculine look and many are daringly wrapped around the wrist three times. The wide choice of decorative elements features anchors, shipsí wheels, and whalesí tail Ė representing strength, authority and the man on-the-go. Decorative elements of oxidized silver plate or gold plate carry bold trend-setting themes Ė arrows, questions marks and the meaningful infinity symbol. Colors are classic black or brown or, for a more striking look, there is white, blue or tan. For a touch of spirituality, choose a bracelet with a Star of David or a decorative plaques displaying words of faith and prayer.

Galis menís necklaces are a splendid display of masculine charm. With their compass, anchor, sailboat or whales tale decorative plaque, they send a message of strength and leadership. The infinity decoration declares love and the question mark, compass, and other intriguing symbols, talk about manís individuality and the right to be different.

So scroll through. If you already wear menís jewelry add to your collection and if you donít Ė now is the time to take a plunge and treat yourself - or be treated!

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