Necklaces by Edita Jewelry


Are you looking for a necklace of inspiration – a necklace that is as beautiful as it is eye provoking? Then, it is time to scroll through the Edita selection. Each necklace is a feast for the eyes – a harmony of color, a lush display of beads, semi-precious stones that look so authentic, a harmony of color and design.

Using black ribbons for chains, Edita creates a stylish subtle look and gives you a choice of styles. There is a gold nugget dangling delicately from a black chain, a stream of amber colored beads, a desert dream strand of cubes, a sparkling Star of David, or a gold plated heart studded with Swarovski crystals.

There are necklaces with heart pendants, luminous crystals for the bride on her special day, and more – all ablaze with colors and shapes. Looking for a bouquet style? Here are beads, ceramics and crystals - all bound together, hanging from a silver plated chain.

Why not go for the full set and dress yourself in a matching bracelet or earrings – the perfect fashion piece. Whichever Edita piece you choose, it will be stunning. You will feel your best and it will always make heads turn.

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