Adi Sidler Anodized Aluminum Waves Chanukah Dreidel - Blue

Adi Sidler Anodized Aluminum Waves Chanukah Dreidel - Blue

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  • A unique contemporary dreidel from Adi Sidler, Judaica artist
  • An impression of waves is created using advance laser cutting
  • Silver colored stem contrasts with the deep blue dreidel color
  • Around is engraved the traditional nun, gimmel, hay and pay

Product Description

Tradition and modern art meet with this incredible blue anodized aluminum dreidel from Adi Sidler. Inspired by the sea waves, it is elegantly cut into slits that rise and fall like the waves. The traditional dreidel Hebrew letters are engraved around nun, gimmel, hay and pay. A charming contrast is the silver stem with a blue decorative stone. Comes with small stand.


SKU: ADI-045-Blue
Artist: Sidler Adi Judaica
Made in Israel
Anodized aluminum
Height incl. base: 2 / 5 cm
Diameter: 2 / 5 cm

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