Blue Anodized Aluminum Wash Cup By Agayof

Blue Anodized Aluminum Wash Cup By Agayof


Product Description

Here is a Wash Cup that is a visual delight – a work of art you will be proud to own. Avner Agayof has excelled himself by using anodized aluminum to produce this striking blue colored Wash Cup. The handles are attached to the cup with a metal band. The center narrows and carries a band with the words in Hebrew “netilat yadayim” from the blessing for the ritual washing of hands.
Standing in your display cabinet, this Wash Cup will express your appreciation of contemporary art without compromising Jewish tradition.

Made by the renown artist Agayof in his studio in Jerusalem.


Type: Wash cup
Materials: anodized aluminium
Height: 7"/18 cm
Width: 5.9"/15 cm
Made in Jerusalem
Artist: Agayof

Copyright 2002-today
1 Imrei Baruch st. Bnei Brak 56109 Israel