Good Luck Jewish Bracelet

Good Luck Jewish Bracelet

Good Luck Jewish Bracelet


Product Description

The bracelet is gold plated and set with semi-precious stones, inspired by the marine world and its range of colors, the oval shape of the stones resemble sea stars, anchor and beautiful gold Seahorses .
The bracelet is also decorated with traditional Jewish motifs that are believed to ward off the evil eye : Hamsa hand, horseshoe and a key. What a lovely piece! The Crazy Bird collection is characterized by a summery and fresh design featuring a peacock as it displays its extraordinary colors.
The collection's main colors include purple, fuchsia and turquoise. In the Crazy Bird group you can find the following stones: Amethyst, Turquoise, Blue Howlite, Chrysocolla , Abalone, Purple Jade, Green Jade.


Artist: Amaro


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